Oversized Pulls

Oversized drawer pulls are everywhere. By oversized, we are talking about pulls that range from 8-30 inches long. The longest pulls are often used on the vertical for tall cabinets and on the horizontal for large drawers.

A good example would be a drawer that holds heavy pots and pans. These pulls are generally very modern in style with a minimalist feel. They are often mixed with smaller pulls of the same style.

Style your doors

Replacing the hardware on doors isn’t nearly as simple as changing any other hardware in your home. There are more measurements to consider and various components that need to work together. Also understanding how the parts and finishes will perform over time is crucial.
Before buying anything, take a few key measurements, lest you find yourself flummoxed by your new door hardware when you try to install it. If the hardware will be installed on an existing door. the existing holes will dictate many of the specifications unless it will be installed on a new door.
- One key measurement is the backset: the distance from the edge of the door to the center of the handle.
- The thickness of the door is also important. “Typically speaking, most hardware you buy is going to work just fine on an-inch-and-three-eighths to an-inch-and-three-quarters door,” which are standard thicknesses. If you have thinner or thicker doors — in which case an additional kit may be required to install the handles.
- Finally, make a note of the size of the hole behind the existing rosette (or backplate), as the replacement hardware will need to completely cover it.

Choosing Bath hardware

Right style of Bathroom hardware should be reflecting a match to your whole bathroom